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New Pro Wrestling PodCast by 2 Canadians in Finland.


November 21, 2020

Pro Wrestling Union??

This time we were LIVE shootin the shizzat on the possibility of a Pro Wrestling Union! Also it was International Mens day this past thursday! AND our Preview on WWEs Survivor Series!

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November 13, 2020

AEWs Full Gear 2020 Review!!

We are shootin' the shizzat on AEWs Full Gear PPV 2020! Was it good shizzat or not?


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We were live last week Thursday shootin' the shizzat on the Walter vs Ilja Dragunov March from NXT UK as well as AEWs full gear!

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November 1, 2020

RagnaROCK ReCap!!

What an insane event it was down in Tallinn Estonia, put on by SLAM! Wrestling! What a way to smash into a new pro wrestling market!

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2 of the most accomplished, Finnish born Pro Wrestlers working today! These guys have a wealth of knowledge and are still on the crusade to establish Finland as a pro wrestling capital!

John us live!

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We were LIVE last week shootin the shizzat on Chris Jericho's 30th Year in pro wrestling! Also NXT TakeOver 31! NJPW AEW and everything going on in the wrestling world!

Join us LIVE every Thursday!

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This week we had a sit down chat with the No.1 Marty Jones while he was in Finland giving one of his world class pro wrestling seminars! We also remembered Road Warrior Animal with friend and road partner, Steve Cox.

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September 11, 2020


We were live away the SLAM! Wrestling Finland training hall shootin' the shizzat on AEWs latest PPV, ALL OUT!!

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We are over Skype for this Shizzat where we are comenting on WWEs Payback as well as a preview of AEWs ALL OUT and a Recap on the HUGE SLAMfest! One Nightr Riot thst just went down in Helsinki!

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We were live shootin with the Golden Amazon Heidi Katrina on her SLAM! Wrestling Finland debut at SLAMfest! This weekend!

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